Baby Led Development

With a baby in the house, one has little time and energy available for side-projects.  It is, therefore, important to be efficient with your time in order to make any progress when you do find yourself with a spare moment.

Recently, I have begun a side-project and found a couple of ways that my development has been ‘baby led’.  Firstly, I knew I needed a database for the project. As I was familiar with it, I decided to use Liquibase for the schema definition. Once up and running, and with a basic model in place, I began to think about adding in an ORM, but very quickly ruled it out. At this stage, I decided, it would add little benefit.

I’m not saying an ORM would be wrong for this project, but the interesting thing to me is how quickly I decided I could live without one.  In the past, or if I had more time, I probably would have included one without much thought (and then gone on to add Spring too ;)).  I can always add one later on if I feel it’s necessary and by then the model is likely to be more stable anyway.

Another tactic I have used is to do all my workflow prototyping in unit tests. This allows me to quickly experiment and refine the model and functions without polluting my src/main area.  I can then promote code from src/test when it is ready or more mature.

I don’t claim to have any ground breaking thoughts or ideas in the above. I just think it is interesting how I adapted my development in,  what I think is, a good way and that I might not have done so without being a Daddy.

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